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Step 1 – Make an Appointment
A certified prescribing professional is the only person who can initiate your card’s application. If you get approved based on any of the required medical conditions, the physician will certify and register you in the online site with the DCP (department of Consumer Protection). You also need to provide:
● An email address – This is meant for communication between the patient and Connecticut’s DCP.
● A valid telephone number
● Mailing address
● Referral or medical records showing proof of diagnosis of qualifying condition for medical marijuana.

Step 2- Create an account on the state’s website
Create an account with the state at https://biznet.ct.gov/AccountMaint/Login.aspx. This will make it easy for you to have access to the registration system and verify that the details you gave your doctor are correct. Here, you also will answer a number of verification questions.

Step 3 – Identification card and making a payment
Once you are done with the online application process, the system will require you to offer proof of residency prior to making a payment. During this phase, you will be required to present:
● Identity: You will present identification such as a driver’s license or passport.
● Proof of Residency: You will do this to prove that you are a Connecticut resident if you present a document with your name and residence dated not more than 3 months ago. This could be a Medicare/Medicaid benefit statement, a bank statement, or a utility company’s computer-generated bills. BIZNET LOGIN (this is the website you go to in order to register with the state of CT) https://biznet.ct.gov/AccountMaint/Login.aspx


1. Certification Fee
This is the service we provide. Our fee for first-time patients is $150. The first time appointment includes a phone consult to establish eligibility, and then a face-to-face appointment (done via telehealth/video visit) to discuss medical history and current symptoms. We will review the patient’s medical history and answer all your questions regarding the process.
2. MMP State Registration
Patients must register with the State of CT for a $100 fee after being certified from their physician. See step by step instructions here
3. Cost of Medical Marijuana
The cost of the marijuana depends on the patient’s needs and varies from one dispensary to another. Unfortunately at this time insurance does not
cover any of these fees. Most dispensaries have pricing on their website